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The decent living standard for families with schoolage children

Sociology International Journal
Adina Mihailescu, Mariana Stanciu, Livia Stefanescu, Cristina Huma

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GAR-UM-2019-XI-5.5-8 Grant Interim Report: The decent living standard for families with school-age children aims to complete the first stage of the research project. Stage I includes activities for consulting the official publications of the National Institute of Statistics (NIS), Research Institute for Quality of Life (RIQL) and other sources (Eurostat, European Commission, UNICEF), in order to clarify the objectives, methodology and indicators provided in this research. All these activities allow the identification of indicators, which prepare the development of the next stage of the grant, namely: research methodology; elaboration of the questionnaire for families with school-age children; elaboration of the interview guide for the teacher and pediatrician. The methodology will consist of a questionnaire in which families with school-aged children aged 6-14 from Bucharest will be interviewed in order to establish the consumption basket for this family structure. The selection of the mentioned families will be made on the principle of the “snowball”, step by step, until the saturation of the information sought. The methodology will also include an interview guide for teachers (teacher / teacher) that will complete the information regarding the school needs of the children, but also for medical staff (pediatrician / family doctor) that will update the medical needs related to health care and children’s hygiene, especially in the new conditions of the pandemic with the Corona virus (Covid-19).


research grant, standard of life, minimum consumption basket for a decent living, families with school-age children, methodology, indicators