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Alcohol consumption and the incidence of type 2 diabetic mellitus: “issue that requires more attention”

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In recent decades, the significant rise in the magnitude of diabetic mellitus (DM) has been proved in almost in all regions of the world where it includes both economically developed and developing countries. Besides, the burden of diabetes is also alarming globally. Alcohol use is also rising worldwide whilst it is identified that heavy alcohol ingesting is a significant lifestyle risk factor for chronic disease such as DM and its-related complications. Therefore, this review article was aimed to discuss about alcohol consumption and the incidence of Type 2 DM (T2DM) by examining the different studies conducted on this issue. Consequently, several studies have reported that light to moderate alcohol consumption decreases the risk of T2DM. However, the heavy alcohol consumption increases the risk of T2DM. Finally, this review concludes heavy alcohol consumption contributes for the high incidence of T2DM. It also recommends that more focus is required to this critical problem to prevent its occurrence and the morbidity and mortality associated to T2DM.


Diabetic mellitus, Alcohol consumption, Incidence, Risk, T2DM