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Muscle tear: innovation in the classification and imagenological approach of sports muscle injuries

International Journal of Family & Community Medicine
Alexandra Alvarez Tercero, Ricardo Vargas Fernandez, Irene Gutierrez Murillo

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The muscular system provides support and movement due to the muscles that compose it (cardiac,  striated  and  smooth),  through  muscular  contraction,  which  is  divided  into  slow  (repetitive)  and  fast  (for  high  intensity  and  resistance),  also  by  Isometric  and  isotonic  tension (eccentric and concentric). Muscle injuries (tears) are related to the practice of physical and sports activity, which can occur at any time due to bruising (trauma) or bloating (hyperextension), and when they occur they generate edema, ecchymosis - hematoma, functional  impotence  and  deformation  in  its  architecture.  Timely  management  as  well  as classification and optimal imaging approach allow an improvement in therapeutics - recovery and return to physical activity - competition of the patient.


skeletal muscle fibers, skeletal muscle, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasonography, muscle injuries, classification of muscle injuries in sports, muscle injuries in athletes, imaging classification of muscle injuries and treatment of muscle injuries