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An extraordinary meningitis pathogen on a patient with ventricular catheter: Chryseobacterium gleum, case report

Journal of Microbiology & Experimentation
Abdurrahman Sarmis,1 Omer Gokhan Akarsu,2 Huseyin Ikbal Akdemir,3 Tuncer Ozekinci2


Chryseobacterium gleum has been reported as human pathogen rarely from different clinical specimens. Here we report first case as a meningitis pathogen on a patient with ventricular catheter who had head trauma prior to disease. This case report indicates the importance of identifying microorganisms and performing antibacterial susceptibility testing, clinicians changed antibiotherapy according to antibacterial susceptibility testing results and patient’s clinical situation improved dramatically.


Chryseobacterium gleum, meningitis, immunocompromised, ventricular catheter