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Barriers to diabetes foot care practices among diabetes patients attending diabetes clinic in Embu county, Kenya

Journal of Diabetes, Metabolic Disorders & Control
Annastacia Munzi Mbisi,1 Dennis Mugambi Ngari2

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Background: Diabetes mellitus is becoming a major public health concern of the 21st century globally, with disproportionately great socioeconomic liability in the emerging world. The prevalence of diabetes mellitus continues to rise resulting in significant morbidity and mortality. This is as a result of the development of chronic complications such as cardiovascular, eye, renal diseases and foot problems. Foot ulcerations related to peripheral neuropathy and vascular disease has led to distressing health consequences as well as amputations among the diabetics. Thus, the study aimed at establishing barriers to foot care practice among diabetes patients attending diabetes clinic in Embu County, Kenya.
Method: A descriptive survey targeting a population of 1413 type 2 diabetic patients and 12 key informants was the target population of the study. From this, a sample size of 301 participants and 12 key informants were drawn to take part in the study using fischer et al formular. The participants were conveniently sampled from the selected DM clinics respectively. Self-administered questionnaires and focused group
discussion was used for data collection. Data from study was thematically analyzed and the results presented in narration and tables.
Results: Major barriers identified were impaired vision and knowledge deficit. This was backed by health care provider perception barrier that; health education given had little effect on foot care practices. Evident from the findings was inadequate delivery of services due to staff shortage as well as a communication barrier and patients negative attitude.
Discussion: Intensive campaigns on the practice of the recommended diabetic foot care practices in management of diabetes should be done. Facilitation through the provision of adequate human and material resource by the government to ensure adequate delivery of health services to her citizen is also paramount. 


diabetes foot ulcer, diabetes mellitus, Kenya, Embu county, diabetes patients