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Follow-up of pressure injury associated with the use of Tala and use of varied techniques in the treatment of the wound

Nursing & Care Open Access Journal
Barbosa Caren Leticia de Souza Milani,1 Fank Adriana,1 Pimenta Graziele Jacob2

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Wound is any damage caused by interrupting the continuity of a body tissue, to a greater or lesser extent, caused by trauma or triggered by a clinical condition. Objective of this research is the nursing conduct used in the treatment of pressure injuries that are applied during the evaluation and evolution of the case of patients admitted to the Regional Hospital of Vilhena - RO.

Method: This is a descriptive case study, with qualitative approach, the research will be carried out at the Regional Hospital of Vilhena in 2018, it will be a project based on research ‘’Pressure injury associated with splint use. case study of a patient seen in an emergency care unit: evaluation, diagnosis and nursing interventions’’.

Results and discussions: The use of various techniques for the assessment and evolution of the wound has been shown to be very effective in terms of healing time, less exposure to the patient and less risk of infection.

Conclusion: Although this study is limited by the fact that it is a unique case, it is relevant for health professionals, mainly nurses, for managers of institutions and for the practice of caring for people with LPP because it seeks to analyze the effectiveness of therapies implemented in injuries, and should be replicated in other institutions and in other patient profiles.


varied techniques, pressure injury, nursing, circulatory changes, level of consciousness, collagenase, streptokinase, firinolysin, capillary pressure, hydrofilm, hydrogel, hydrocolloid