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The review of the innovation of healthcare information technology to improve people’s health condition in Cambodia

MOJ Public Health
Seng Raksmey,1 Xu Huaifu2

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Innovation can be defined as invention, adoption and diffusion. In healthcare, it may be a novel idea, product, service or care pathway that has clear benefits when compared to what is currently  done. Successful innovations often possess two key qualities: they are both usable and desirable. Innovation has been a consistent feature of the private sector for a number of years. Studies in innovative practices in the public sector are increasing during the last three decades. The healthcare industry has experienced a proliferation of innovations aimed at enhancing life expectancy, quality of life, diagnostic and treatment options, as well as the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the healthcare system. This issue aims to review on recent advances in various aspects of healthcare technology for healthcare development in Cambodia. We will go through some big private and public hospitals to find out its common strategies for better healthcare and treatment for the people. 


healthcare, innovation, information technology, Cambodia