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Impact of cancer diagnosis on emotional well-being and quality of life on LGBT population in India and across Europe; A report drawn on the bases of experience and bird’s eye view of a psycho-oncologist

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Diagnosis of cancer indeed brings detrimental psycho-social implications on general well-being and quality of life of the people, however, when the person on the receiving end belongs to a minority or vulnerable group, its impact is not only multiplied, but may extend in numerous parameters of personal, social, and professional life. This report focuses on emotional impact of cancer diagnosis on people belonging to LGBT community and its implications on their Quality of Life. Besides, this report also tries to explain the significant challenges faced by clinicians in India and across the Europe, while offering their best care in a highly sensitive situation, in terms of respecting confidentiality, integrity, and secrecy of sexual orientation, particularly in conservative societies like India.

For this report, the author has evaluated the documented case reports, from the year 2014 till the year 2020, combined with literature review and tool of his experience in the field. Besides, this report draws some comparisons between the LGBT cancer patients in India and Europe (mostly Belgium) and offers professionals and clinician’s sensibility to possibly design tailormade interventions when encountering this vulnerable, yet highly specialized group. This entire report is based on the author’s clinical experience in psycho-oncology over a course of 8 years in the field.


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