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Narrow canal and laminectomy women cases taken under spinal anesthesia

MOJ Surgery
Hayriye Alp 

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Among the superiorities of regional anesthesia over general anesthesia are; Complications such as a decrease in functional residual capacity in the lungs, and infections such as infection are less likely to develop after general anesthesia. Decreased blood loss in the intra operative period; in the post operative period, Preferred reasons are decreased nauseavomiting frequency and analgesic requirement, decreased vein thrombus and pulmonary embolism. Necessary permission obtained from legal representat. Spinal anesthesia was applied to patients 50 females, who underwent spinal surgery (20 spinal stenosis, 64 laminectomy) between November 2012 and September 2013 at the State Hospital. The age distribution of the patients was the smallest 23 and the largest 77. 33 of the patients; 12.5mg heavy marcain and 25mcg fentanyl were administered intrathecally to the patients with a 25G pencil point spinal needle. Patients were given 1mg midazolam for sedation.


women, spinal anesthesioloy, laminectomy, surgery