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Microbes as remediating agents in detoxification of  dyes

Journal of Applied Biotechnology & Bioengineering
Pankaj Kumar Chaurasia,1 Shashi Lata Bharati,2  Sunil Kumar1

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Dyes are colored substances being used to color various types of fabrics and materials from ancient time. During their use in the coloring of various types of materials as well as during their synthesis; they come out in the environment as such or in the form of toxic by- products and by mixing in aqueous system generate various types of problems to organisms living in that aqueous environment as well as human beings using that polluted water in any way. Several techniques are being used in the present time to solve such environmental problems. In this direction, many researches are also running on the green use of microbial technology in bioremediation of toxic, carcinogenic and extremely harmful unused dye’s products as well as its by-products by elimination or degradation or de-colorization. This mini-review discusses about the some recent researches done in this field in order to solve this problem and future aspect of the use of this green technology. 


dyes, microbes, bacteria, fungi, bioremediation, decolorization