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Use of a smartphone ECG monitor to identify electrocardiogram abnormalities due to hyperkalemia from urinary obstruction in a Jacob’s sheep

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Smartphone-based ECGS present a diagnostic opportunity for large animal practice. A two year old Jacob’s sheep presented with severe hyperkalemia secondary to a urinary obstruction. Collection  of  an  electrocardiogram  from  a  smart-phone  based  device  demonstrated  altered waveforms typical of severe hyperkalemia. The patient was successfully managed with  medical  and  surgical  therapies.  This  case  presents  that  the  method  of  collecting  a  smartphone-based  ECG  as  determined  for  other  large  animal  species,  may  be  applicable  to sheep. Additionally, this report demonstrates that the smartphone-based device may be sensitive enough to detect the absence of a P wave as commonly encountered with cases of hyperkalemia.


electrocardiogram, hyperkalemia, sheep, smartphone, urolithiasis