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Physico-chemical properties of goor and quality of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) as influenced by integrated nutrient management in Bangladesh

MOJ Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Md Shamsul Arefin,1 Md Mokhlesur Rahman,2 Md Abdul Alim,3 Md Ariful Islam4

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Sugarcane is the only sugar yielding and economically important crop in Bangladesh. Although, it is a good source of sucrose, alcohol and organic matter waste, soil fertility is declining in sugarcane growing areas. Considering the facts, a field study was carried out during 2014-2015 cropping season to evaluate the impacts of integrated use of different organic and chemical nutrients on the quality of sugarcane. Seven treatments were comprised in this experiment (T1 = Control, T2 = 165:55:120:30:10:2.5:4 kg NPKSMgZnB ha-1, T3 = Poultry Litter (PL) @ 5 t ha-1 + 95:51:87:9:10:2.5:4 kg NPKSMgZnB ha-1, T4 = Cow Dung (CD) @ 15 t ha-1 + 36:52:60:17:10:2.5:4 kg NPKSMgZnB ha-1, T5 = Press Mud (PM) @ 15 t ha-1 + 10:50:43:0:10:2.5:4 kg NPKSMgZnB ha-1, T6 = Mustard Oil Cake (MOC) @ 0.5 t ha-1 + 140:54:115:25:10:2.5:4 kg NPKSMgZnB ha-1 and T7 = GM (Green Manure) @ 5 t ha-1 + 140:53:100:28:10:2.5:4 kg NPKSMgZnB ha-1). The experiment was carried out in a Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with three replications. Results of cane quality parameters, the treatment T3 (PL @ 5 t ha-1 + 95:51:87:9:10:2.5:4 kg NPKSMgZnB ha-1) recorded the highest brix (20.9 %), pol in cane (14. 9%) and sugar yield (15 t ha-1). The goor quality parameters likes sucrose (80.1 %), colour transmittance (57.80%) and goor recovery (11.21%) were noticed highest in T3 treatment, which was similar to T4 treatment (CD @ 15 t ha-1 + 36:52:60:17:10:2.5:4 kg NPKSMgZnB ha-1). On the other hand the lowest reducing sugars (6.56%) and ash content (2.96%) were also observed in T3 treatment. The results from this experiment revealed that the treatment - PL @ 5 t ha-1 + 95:51:87:9:10:2.5:4 kg NPKSMgZnB ha-1 followed by CD @ 15 t ha-1 + 36:52:60:17:10:2.5:4 kg NPKSMgZnB ha-1 provided a scope to supply raw material with juice and goor quality of sugarcane grown in High Ganges River Floodplain soils to sugar industry and goor makers.


Juice quality, Organic fertilizer, Poultry litter, Colour transmittance, Sucrose