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The real physical and the virtual mental worlds 

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Development of a functional systems within the body, which enables differentiation and recognition of signals received by specialized body organs, and development of signals for identification and differential expressions of the signals and their various sources of origin, creation and maintenance of these signals and the associated meanings in verbal and nonverbal modes of expression, and their internal as well as external utilization, verbally as thoughts and symbols or sensory imageries, helped generation of a functional system, which we have been calling the ‘mind’. Mind becomes the method of verbalization and accounting for the principles of temporal and spatial relationships detected either personally by the body or using specially designed external objects or sources received over space and time within the universe, and within the body as experiences. Each person could create a mental account of the sensory-motor experiences and their expected or anticipated effects, and verbally and symbolically encode an account of the relationships within. Additionally, the mind learns special ability to present the tonal quality of their expressions in a manner, which came to be identified as musical expressions, and which have become vocally and instrumentally played musical notes. Mind is the method developed within the system for the expressions of the verbally as well as materially created expressions, which need to be internally developed , as well as externally created and assembled methods, representing the real as well as imaginary world, where the virtual world, mentally created for representing the real relationships, as experienced by the body and internally represented or encoded by using various expressive methods, which are often more complex than the real world they had earlier contacted and acquired through their encoding. 


: human brain, human body and the universe, sensory-motor contacts, brain functions and formation of mind, recognition, remembrance, drive and emotional arousal, virtual world - a creation of mind