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Incidental cholecystojejunal fistula: a rare complication of gall stone disease

MOJ Surgery
Vipul K Srivastava,1 Shilpi Roy,1 Ramniwas Meena,2 Rahul Khanna2

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Cholecystoenteric fistula is a rare complication of gallstone disease and difficult to diagnose preoperatively. Among Cholecystoenteric fistula, cholecystojejunal fistulae are even rarer and only a few case reports have been published on it. Here we report a case of a 60-year male patient with cholecystojejunal fistula diagnosed intraoperatively while performing laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Fundus of the gall bladder was found to be communicating with proximal jejunum. We conclude that in elderly patients if the ultrasonography shows features of contracted gall bladder in presence of large gall stones one should consider an option of getting a computed tomography scan done preoperatively.


cholecystoenteric, cholecystojejunal, fistula, gall-stones, cholecystitis