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Terra forming of social systems and human behavior: a new era for AI, human-robotic interactions (HRI), and multidisciplinary social science?

International Robotics & Automation Journal
Édgar Giovanni Rodríguez Cuberos

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This mini-script seeks to generate concerns around an emerging field of work related to space exploration and the rest of society generated by the idea of ??human colonies in extraterrestrial environments (space stations, moons, and planets). There exists abundant literature on terraforming from biogeochemical conditions, however, there is very limited research about human behavior, interactions, and specific studies of relationships with robots and artificial intelligence into the environments presented previously. For this reason, and with the intention of not replicating the same problems derived from our human condition (violence, extractivism, corruption, etc) preliminary ideas are exposed to think and contribute to the emerging field of cosmoeducation or exo-humanities and others “exo –disciplines” oriented to alternated social systems and human behavioral for a new era of exploration.


AI ethics, human robot interactions (HRI), social terraforming, exohumanities, posthumanities, environmental conditions, artificial intelligence, technological elements, psycho-social study, cultural, ethical, belief systems, chaotic, rational behaviors, biometric variations