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Ibn Khaldun as a paradigm for the past and future of sociology and humanity

Sociology International Journal
Mohammareza Shahidipak


Ibn Khaldun is main sources of historiography, orientalism in medieval, despite of more than one thousands writings about his opinions many scholars are unaware of his dignity and they think historiography did not continue after Thucydides and Herodotus and has stopped in ancient, therefore place of Islamic historiography in medieval, it has not yet been determined, while existence of Ibn Khaldun is sufficient to prove it as international paradigm. He uses term humanities based on empirical reason for first time in his book, AL-Moqadimmah, he explained evolution of civilization by natural causes centuries before Vico (1744), Montesquieu, August Comte, any orientalist as Gibb (1895) considered Ibn Khaldun as oriental theorist, father of sociology that has developed humanities with Western secularism a few centuries earlier than Europe. Paper examines theory of whether Ibn Khaldun is model suitable for humanities in past and future of world because he explained important principles of social changes and sociology of human sciences, as happiness, prosperity, devotion of individual, social structure, society, and transformation of societies from simple to complicated societies. In contemporary, most important subject of humanity is social change of Collapse , decay of societies and media dealt, in product of 2018 Artemis film anarchism, decay and degeneration in Los Angeles. Ibn Khaldun introduced a paradigm for explaining of desire for anarchism and degeneration, eight hundred years ago. He showed in Moqadimmah peak of decline after researching on development and magnificence of humanities in oriental societies, he viewed degradation of civilization in Andalusia after several centuries of prosperity. As conclusion and achievement of Ibn Khaldun’s critical theory, it is kind of pathology of civilization has been used by contemporary anthropologists, sociologists to explain events of evolution of city, civilization, history in a temporary way. Toxins lead to death of city and at last stage of development and in view of Ibn Khaldun, way to cure it is reactivation of sacred, do civilizations destroy each other or reach interactiv ? According to Ibn Khaldun’s paradigm 21st century is historical period death of many developed cities. In describing cyclical evolution of history, he is leader of Frankfurt School of sociology which claims to critique and reform modern civilization.


Ibn Khaldun, paradigm, the Moqadimmah, sociology, pathology of civilization