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Pesticide residues in food: distribution, route of exposure and toxicity: in review

MOJ Food Processing & Technology
Inobeme A,1 Mathew JT,2 Okonkwo S,3 Ajai AI,4 Jacob JO,4 Olori E1

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The safety of food has significant impact on human health hence the increasing concern on safe food consumption. One of the recent issues that have globally attracted the concern of consumers is the presence of pesticide residues in food. These residual chemicals are persistent organic contaminants that have serious lethal effect on human health when exposed beyond certain levels. The fears of the envisaged increased in the global population has further increased the use of pesticides due to concern for food productivity and security. The present paper examines the presence of pesticide residues in food, their sources and strategies for reducing the concentrations of these toxic chemicals. Attempt is also made in reviewing the Risk Assessment of Pesticide Residue in Food.


food, pesticide, lethal, residue, risk, toxicity, impact, population, billion, security, fungicides, herbicides, fungicides, acaricides, vegetables