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Statistical analysis of fiber quality to obtain a correlation between the fiber and yarn quality

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Sheikh Sad Habib-A-Rasul,1 Md Arif Saleh Tasin,1 Md Abdullah Al Mamun,2 Md Fahim Ahmed,1 Taosif Ahmed,1 Rony Mia1

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The purpose of this research was to make a correlation between the fiber and yarn quality based on different properties of the fiber. The properties of cotton fiber were tested by the High Volume Instrument (HVI) machine. Firstly, we collect fiber from a different lot and then tested the properties by the High Volume Instrument (HVI) Machine. After that, we made yarn from that lot and made the same count of yarn. The tested properties were mic, length, maturity, strength, elongation, moisture, etc. The same count of yarn was tested by the USTER EVENESS TESTER machine. Comparing the HVI report and the USTER TESTER report, we saw that how to effect different fiber properties of the different lot on the same count of yarn quality. Then we made a correlation between them. The observation suggested that yarn strength and fineness are depended upon fiber maturity. This paper reports a glimpse of the effect of fiber properties on yarn quality.


HVI machine, Uster tester 5, Lea strength tester, Yarn quality, Fiber properties