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Criollo avocado of mexican race (Persea americana var. drymifolia): an underutilized species in horticulture

Horticulture International Journal
Corrales-García Joel E, Méndez-Zúñiga Sergio M


Criollo avocado of Mexican race (CAMR) (Persea americana var. Drymifolia)is native to Mexico. It is a species with great genetic variability due to open pollination and a high degree of polymorphism, which contributes to the unpredictable and highly variable phenotypic characteristics of its progeny. The fruits have been consumed in an ancestral way and are part of the culture and ethnobotanical knowledge of the Mexican peoples. CAMR's fruits have great nutraceutical and agro-industrial potential; however, they are currently underutilized and their main use is as rootstock for commercial varieties, mainly 'Hass' and 'Fuerte'. In addition, the thin peel and high perishability of the fruits are a limitation for their commercialization outside the production regions and a worrying fact is that with the introduction of other varieties, a large number of unexplored genotypes is being lost.In the above context, it is necessary to disseminate the horticultural, nutraceutical and agro-industrial potential of the CAMR among producers, marketers and consumers with the purpose of revaluation and conservation.


anticancer compounds, genetic variability, loss of germplasm, nutraceuticals, rootstock, underutilized fruit, genetic variants, morphological polymorphism, agrochemicals, mechanical characteristics, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial activity, cardiovascular system