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Green synthesis of emulsified nutraceutical suspensions of elettaria cardamomum (elaichi) seeds

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Herbal based extracts have immense applications in the fields of medicine, therapeutics and nutritional value as excellent nutraceutical and pharmaceutical compounds. From ancient times, Elettaria cardamomum seeds have been proposed the most cost effective and safe herbal nutraceutical sources to prepare silver containing herbal suspensions to treat many diseases like cold, cough, flu, stomach infections and skin allergies. It has been observed that green synthesis of Elettaria cardamomum seeds based herbal suspensions are found to be safe, eco-friendly and cost effective as compared to any kind of chemical preparations which have noticeable toxic and hazardous effects in treated patients because of use of toxic and allergic organic and organic solvents and release of various by-products during their preparations. So in our study, we focused on use of green method to prepare various emulsifiers mediated Elettaria cardamomum herbal nutraceutical suspensions to minimize their respective deleterious effects as cost-effective and eco-friendly approach to synthesise the safe herbal nutraceutical suspensions having improved antioxidant properties. Antioxidant activities of prepared Elettaria cardamomum herbal nutraceutical suspensions were studied by FRAP assay. 


Elettaria cardamomum, herbal nutraceutical compounds, antioxidant activity, FRAP assay