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Exploring potential locally available feedstuffs for diversifying pig’s feeds in dry land area (Part 2: Stem and Leaves sources)

Biodiversity International Journal
Johanis Ly,1 Teddy Kristeddy2

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The study aimed at observing potential locally available feedstuffs for pigs in Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) Province- one of the southeast Indonesia regionof Indonesia- with highest pig population in Indonesia. There were 2 potential locally available feedstuffs from 2 sources of feedstuffs consisting of Putak (stems), and Moringa leaf (leaves) observed by using survey method. The survey was carried out in 13 of 22 districts of dry land area Nusa Tenggara Timur Province. Farmers, producer, collectors, traders, and agencies involved in planting, collecting, selling and trading feedstuffs were interviewed to collect primary data. Agricultural and Animal Departments and Statistics data were browsed to collect secondary data. Data of seasonal availability, price and nutritional content of each commodity were collected and descriptively analyzed. The results found were that the 2 feedstuffs explored are adaptable with dry land climate. Putak is generated commonly used in 5 districts, produced independently of season, it is feasible with enriching nutrient content and mixed with other feedstuffs. Moringa leaf is available in all districts, produced whole year with lower during the dry season. Moringa leaf is not recorded in all districts. Putak is fibrous with low protein content and need additional treatment to maximum utilized by pig; it can not be used as single feed for pig. Moringa leaf contains high protein and highest value for pig can be achieved by drying and milling, or soaking the fresh leaves into water, or pulping the fresh leaves before feeding. Moring leves meal can be used as a green supplement for pig.


local feedstuff, stem, leaf, fibrous, green