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A glance at the sociology of body & health, via “urology”

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In addition to occupying itself with all aspects of traditional medicine; Health-and-Body Sociology also deals with the attitudes of laymen (non-experts) towards branches of modern medicine and the related professionals. In this very context; a lot of stereotypes which have developed among folks throughout ages are also involved. Indeed, such beliefs are deeply rooted in the popular culture. For instance, in former years, among typical townsfolk in Turkey, the phrase two clicks and a final gentle tap used to commonly describe the way an internist would examine his patient and pocket his earnings, fairly easily. Urology is a somewhat different branch of the medicine because the first associations coming to the mind relate it to the issue of sexual potency in the male and accordingly carry it onto a kind of alleged “luxury”-treatment plane. However; the entirety of the renal system of the human body is the topic of this scientific discipline; while female patients should normally fall into the same category, as well. This article involves certain personal experiences, inferences and claims, simply due to its very nature.


urology, physician, patient, medical examination, doctor’s office (Privatpraxis)