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Staple arthroscopic fixation of tibial ACL avulsion with concomitant lobenhoffer approach for a posterolateral tibial plateau fracture

MOJ Orthopedics & Rheumatology
Filipa Gonçalves Pereira,1 Francisco Brito,1 Tomás Osório,1 Francisco Lemos,1 Igor Martins,2 André Ramos1

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Tibial eminence avulsion fracture or anterior cruciate ligament avulsion fractures are extremely uncommon, especially in adults. The objective of the treatment is to provide knee stability, allow early rehabilitation and reduce complications rate. Several methods for fracture fixation have been described in the literature. We report a case of a 39 year old male who presented with a severe tibial plateau fracture and an avulsed ACL which was arthroscopically fixated with a staple. This is a unique, simple and affordable technique with excellent clinical and functional results.


ACL avulsion, staple fixation, rare injury, ligaments tears, intercondylar fracture, football, energy trauma, avulsion, tibial attachment, immobilization, screw fixation, surgical treatment, tibial spine fractures, suture fixation, rehabilitation