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Sciatic nerve dependent schwannoma

MOJ Orthopedics & Rheumatology
Jesús García Álvarez,1 Sergio Pérez Ortiz,2 José Manuel Pelayo de Tomás1

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Schwannoma is a tumor composed of Schwann cells. This is the most common benign tumor of the peripheral nerve sheath, representing the 8% of all soft tissue tumors, affecting the sciatic nerve in less than 1% of cases. Due to its location in the nerve sheath, these types of tumors produce symptoms related to nerve function and compression of adjacent structures. Diagnosis is made by magnetic resonance and is confirmed by pathological anatomy, often after screening of radicular pathology with normal magnetic resonance and symptomatology compatible with clinical sciatica.

We report the case of a 53-year-old woman with a tumor in the posterior area of the right thigh of one year of evolution. After the examination and the appropriate complementary tests, she was diagnosed with schwannoma of the peripheral sheath of the right sciatic nerve. The patient underwent surgery for tumor exeresis with satisfactory results and acceptable aftermath.


tumor, schwannoma, sciatica, sciatic nerve, radicular type, pathologies, peripheral nerve, proximal zone, progressive growth, pathological findings, muscular compartment, vascularization, nervous sheath tumor, systemic extension, pelvic computed tomography, histological study