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Women education & participatory development: need a congruous outlook for empowerment

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Education can give a man perfect way of thinking, develop inner instinct and understanding with his nature, society, culture and self. If we want to quote the line ‘education makes a man and a woman perfect’ then we need to accept education as a necessary instrument for the enlistment of the society. If we look in the history of the movement for improving women status all over the world, it shows that education is the most powerful instrument of changing women’s positions in the society. After the independence, emphasis has given on education to equip women for carrying out their multiple roles in the family. Education of men and women should have many elements in common but should not be identical in all respects. In the educational institutions, right from primary to the higher education, there is a need to stress importance in the fundamental aspects of all religions so that hatred does not develop among the students of both sexes. Indian culture has given a great impetus to the value system and it will come through education only. If values are inculcated right from the beginning in the minds of all, the nature of the society will change automatically. 
Therefore, a visible strategy has to be developed wherein children especially girl child, in a number of areas are brought together and give them basic facilities such as food, clothes, books etc (though already mid day meal has introduced to get more enrolment in the schools) and taught in their mother tongue in the schools. Even the Government has given more focus on girl’s education (Beti Bachao Beti Padhao). There are sincere needs and efforts in order to ensure the congruity between value education and empowerment so that women are given equal opportunities and responsibilities in the society, and this is only possible when girls are provided basic education which includes social awareness, political awareness, legal awareness and other important issues. The article focuses on this congruity of education & empowerment.


value education, women empowerment, participatory development, instrumental values, intrinsic value, gender equality