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The magic baby: an extremely preterm baby case from Syria

MOJ Clinical & Medical Case Reports
Leen Jamel Doya,1 Dalal Saadoun,1 Mada Osefori,1 Bana Nezha,1 Adnan Dayoub2

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Preterm birth is a globally important cause of neonatal morbidity and mortality. In developing countries, due to poor economic and social conditions, only a small percentage of extremely preterm babies survive. Here we present a case of the smallest extremely preterm baby in Syria who was born at 25 weeks gestational age and weighing 500gram. The case describes some of the low technical and medical resources which can be used in caring for neonates in a poor resource environment.


extremely preterm baby, intraventricular hemorrhage, gestational age, persistent patency, ductusarteriosus, gestational age, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, urine culture