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Adverse impacts of mobile phone tower radiation on human health

International Journal of Radiology & Radiation Therapy
Shriyash Mohril,1 Mahipal Singh Sankhla,2 Swaroop S Sonone,3 Kapil Parihar,2 Rajeev Kumar4

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These days mobile phones have become associated with elementary a part of our life, this is often one in every of the foremost necessary mediums for communication. Consequently, several portable towers are planted to hide additional areas, particularly in huddled cities and concrete areas. Now, the bottom stations made on these locations have transceivers that employ mistreatment frequency (RF) waves to determine communication among users within the mobile network. Because of the variety of base stations needed it will increase with bigger portable use with market competition, and with new technological capabilities. The microwave frequencies utilized in mobile communication cause thermal and non-thermal effects and leave a negative impact on the biological system. The quantity of RF-EMW radiation energy absorbed by human tissue depends on the frequency, intensity, polarization, and period of exposure. The EMR is recognized because of the major reason behind cancer. This review paper presents the potential biological and medicine health effects of high-intensity portable tower radiation.


mobile phone, electromagnetic radiation, cell phone tower