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Human genomic profiling in criminal justice administration: an Indian experience

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In the recent era of development, the process of investigation has achieved new milestone by introducing second generation forensic; whereby forensic DNA profiling has been considered to be effective and accurate way of criminal investigation. Though use of DNA profiling in the process of investigation was welcomed by over more than sixty countries all over the world including USA, UK and China; the same is facing great number of objections in certain countries including India. While the new forensic sciences undoubtedly offer an unprecedented degree of certainty and reliability, these characteristics alone do not necessarily render them less susceptible to misuse. The key concern regarding use of DNA profiling is to collection, use and procurement of data; as through use of the same, the jurisdiction has been transferred from individual biological body and given in the hands of agents of power. With the help of the present article author tries to examine how far the DNA profiling techniques are reliable in criminal administrative system with special focus on Indian legal system.


DNA profiling, genetic, administration, forensic