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The role of business strategy to create a competitive advantage in the organization

Open Access Journal of Science
Rasheed Abdulwase,1,2 Faroq Ahmed,3 Fuad Nasr,4 AbdullahAbdulwase,2 Asma Alyousofi,4 Shuangsheng Yan1,5

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The business strategy is a significant factor that can be used to strengthen and improve the organization. It can create competitive advantages as more significant than the foreign market, thereby realizing sustainable commercial development where the survival and continuity in the Organization for the best. Consequently, the study aims to explore the relationship between the role of business strategy on creating a competitive advantage in the organization. Previous limited studies have been highlighted the important role of the business strategies in various fields in an organization. Therefore, based on the available empirical literature, this study highlights the role of business strategy to create a competitive advantage. We found the business strategy has a vital role in the competitive advantages to gain the market. Moreover, the organization market affected by a good quality strategy. Furthermore, the study offers useful suggestions to different stakeholders for the importance of business strategy in the organization context.


business strategy, competitive advantage, organization