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Azithromycin induced hyponatremia in elderly patients: a case report and review of the literature

Urology & Nephrology Open Access Journal
Abdullah Elhosiny,1 Ahmed AKL,1,2,3 Nezar Bahabri1,2

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Elderly population possess various renal physiological changes; azithromycin can induce severe  hyponatremia  compatible  with  a  picture  of  syndrome  of  inappropriate  antidiuretic  hormone  (SIADH)  secretion  in  this  population.  Here  we  report  a  case  of  an  elderly  patient  who  developed  symptomatic  hyponatremia  that  resolved  after  discontinuation  of azithromycin, with no other appreciated cause that explained his hyponatremia.


antibiotics, azithromycin, hyponatremia, antimicrobials, COVID-19