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Simulation of optical properties of semiconductor multilayers from extreme ultraviolet to far infrared

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Optical properties of semiconductors play a critical role in various applications including the design and manufacture of optical components, devices & sources, energy conversion and process monitoring & control. While the fundamental understanding of the optical properties of semiconductors has grown over the years, reliable data of the optical constants of semiconductors, particularly in the infrared range of wavelengths, is severely lacking in the literature. In this overview, detailed case studies of the optical properties of Silicon on Insulator (SOI) and Ge photodetectors, based on Forouhi-Bloomer dispersion equation, as function of photon energy (or wavelength) and thickness are presented. The obtained simulation results, based on this relation, are in good accord with the literature values and are consistent with some well-accepted studies. Furthermore, the results reported in this analysis are helpful for the determination and realization of the optical response of materials under conditions of varying photon energy and thickness.


optical properties, semiconductors, optical components, devices & sources, energy conversion photon energy, thickness