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Appropriate harvest maturity for mango (Mangifera indica L.) fruit using age control and fruit growth and development attributes

Horticulture International Journal
Moomin Abu,Nana S Olympio,Joseph Ofei Darko3

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Haden, Kent, Palmer, and Keitt mango varieties were studied to determine the time and harvest maturity indices appropriate for the export and local markets. Randomized complete block design was used with four replications. Five trees each of the four varieties were sampled at random in each of the four replications. Date of fruit-setwas noted and sampled trees taggedaccordingly.Haden, Kent, Palmer, and Keitt mango varieties were harvested at 112, 126, 133, and 140 days and at 126, 140, 147, and 154 days after fruit-set, for sea and air freights respectively; at 126, 140, 147, and 154 days and at 119, 133, 140, and 147 days after fruit-set, for local markets closer and farther away respectively. Fruit pulp colour, fruit indentation, pedicel colour, fruit peel,grooves at the stylar scar end of fruit, and starch concentration were determined in conjunction with fruit age at physiological maturity.


mango, fruit, harvest, maturity, age control, growth, development, attributes, visual means, physiological, climacteric, religious ceremonies, public celebrations, harvest maturity, ripening attributes, brand loyalty, visual parameters