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Geomagnetic inversion for delineation of ore deposits in chenar mine

Physics & Astronomy International Journal
Ahmad Ala Amjadi,1,2,3 Mohsen Kushki1


In this manuscript, we have performed an applied geomagnetic inversion study in the Chenar ferrous mine near Asadabad-Hamedan of Iran. The principal purpose of this study was to depict and visualize the ore massif of the Chenar ferrous mine in details and to find the suitable locations for geological drilling cores. In this study, 4300 Geomagnetic readings were acquired over a ten-day data acquisition period with a Canadian-built 2019 GEMGSM19T magnetometer. The analyzes of the geomagnetic data in the Chenar ferrous mine successfully identified the susceptible zones in the area of study, and we have suggested the location of six drilling points in the mining area for further investigation and verifying of geophysical data. Our results depict four massifs which are extended as veins. According to the dimensions of the magnetic halos, our geophysical result estimates the ore deposit to be about two and a half million tons for three of the massifs in the Eastern part and 250 thousand tons for the fourth massif in the Western part of the study region.


geomagnetic, geophysics, ferrous mines, exploration