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Changes of genetic variances and heritability by effect of selection in a Mexican local variety of Squash

Journal of Applied Biotechnology & Bioengineering
Clemente Villanueva Verduzco,1  Ayala EstebanbJosé Antonio,1 Evert Villanueva-Sánchez,2 Jaime Sahún Castellanos,1 Sánchez Cabrera Irma,3 Laura Chaning Merrick,4  Martha Blanca Guadalupe Irizar Garza5

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A local variety of squash (Cucurbita pepo L.), ‘Round Zuchinni’ type from Los Reyes Acatlixhuayan State of México, México, was simultaneously evaluated and selected. The objective was to study effect of selection on genetic variance and heritability. Additive genetic variance decreased in seven of nine traits studied: fruit height (79.93 %); fruit weight (65.72 %); fruit width (60.91 %); flesh thickness (57.66 %); flesh color (43.70 %); dry weight of seed (39.54 %); flesh flavor (16.60 %); except in width and seed length traits where it increased 63.40 % and 0.81 %, respectively. Only weight of seed had dominance genetic variance. The coefficient of additive genetic variance (CVA) fluctuated from 9.4 to 61.7 % in the first cycle, and from 9.4 to 51.8 % in the second cycle of selection- evaluation among traits. Heritability diminished in seven from nine characters. In general, the estimated genetic variances (additive and dominance) and heritability decreased as a result of combined selection of falf sib families.


cucurbita pepo, genetic variance, heritability, participatory selection