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Cybercrime: youth awareness survey in Delhi NCR, India

Forensic Research & Criminology International Journal
Yogesh Meena,1 Mahipal Singh Sankhla,2 Shriyash Mohril,3 Rajeev Kumar2

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Nowadays cybercrime is rapidly increasing day by day with the evolution of technology where we take a step towards the digital world. With every step, new challenges and responsibilities are also arising daily basis. The concentrated population for the attack is Youth and teenagers. They are the major population of the world who are enjoying the digitalization. Cybercrime is a major threat to the growing society. Every country in the world promoting digitalization to survive in this digital world and to secure data government and non-government organizations taking responsibility to secure our data from the attackers. To secure government and other organizations’ understanding and analyzing the things to secure data. In India, the majority of the population belongs to rural areas and they are the easy target for the attackers to manipulate. Many people don’t know about cybercrimes and security, so did a survey in Delhi NCR, India to analyze about the cybercrime. 


cybercrime, cyber-attack, awareness, security