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Enhanced growth of Oriza sativa by endophytic: Bacillus cereus and Paenibacillus polymxya

Horticulture International Journal
Blanca C Saucedo-Martinez,1 Maria J Tena Rodriguez,1 Liliana Marquez-Benavides,2 Jose L Rico,Juan M Sánchez-Yañez1

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The health growth ofOryza sativadepends on non-excess nitrogen fertilizer, one way to achieve its to inoculate its seed with endophytic plant growth promoting bacteria:Bacillus cereusand Paenibacillus polymxya. In that, sense seeds of O. sativawere inoculated by the variable responses as germination percent, phenology and biomass at seeding stage. Results demonstrate that germination and growing, were enhanced by the B. cereus and P. polymixa, by the invading inside of the root system protected from negative environmental factors and then by transforming seed exudates into phytohormons to induce rapid germination and healthy growth due to improve the uptake of nitrogen fertilizer to optimize it and avoid applying in excess to preserve soil productivity.


soil, nitrogen fertilizer, endophytic beneficial bacteria, cereal, commercial detergent, non-inoculated seeds, seedling and flowering stage, germination percentage, experimental conditions, plant height, radical length, biomass: fresh, dry, areal, radical weights, root system, photosynthesis