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Length–weight relationships of four fish species from Zhoushan, China

Journal of Aquaculture & Marine Biology
Kun Zhang,1,3 Hua Zhang,2 Hongling Ping,1,3 Liqin Liu,1,3 Lihua Jiang,1,3 Li Gong,1,3 Zhenming Lü,1,3 Bingjian Liu1,2,3

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The length–weight relationships(LWR) were determined for four fish species (Johnius fasciatus Chu, Lo & Wu, 1963, Gerres japonica Bleeker, 1854, Sillago sihama Forskal, 1775 and Konosirus punctatus Temminck & Schlegel,1846) belonging to four families. Samples of four kinds of fish were collected from Zhoushan of China in four times, once every four months. Bottom trawling was used to catch four kinds of fish. The sampling time was from July 2018 to July 2019. This study provides the LWR parameters for Johnius fasciatus, Gerres japonica, Sillago sihama and Konosirus punctatus. The purpose of this study is to provide reference for the reasonable development and protection of these four fishery resources.


length?weight relationship, fishery resources, Zhoushan, overfishing, chemical pollution, fish science, fisheries management, parameters