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Application of bokashi organic fertilizer in production oflettuce (Lactuca sativa)

Horticulture International Journal
Jonathan dos Santos Viana,1 Cesar Augusto Roque Borda,2 Luiz Fabiano Palaretti1

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The use of organic fertilizers formulated and enhanced with microorganisms such as Bokashi fertilizer, which has the ability to modify the soil by balancing its nutritional and functional properties, however, over-application can generate irregularities and alteration of production.This organic fertilizer is presented as an excellent option for the organic production of lettuce (Lactuca sativa) since they provide a gradual release of nutrients and reduce the loss of their bioactive compounds. In addition, the use of conventional fertilizers can easily cause acidification and salinization of the soil, which in the long-run damages production, therefore, the use of chemical-free organic fertilizers results in better metabolic and physiological development, as well as high-quality crops, which allows their use to be highly viable in the production of postharvest lettuces.


organic fertilizer, bioactive compounds, physiological development, postharvest lettuces, mineral fertilization, reducing costs, biological conditions, good fertility, morphological development, chemical-physical conditions, biomass fermentation process