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Health age study of four clinical cases using geriatrics and longevity APP tool based on GH-method: math-physical medicine (No. 334)

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In this article, the author describes the results of utilizing his developed geriatric and longevity tool (Health Age APP) to calculate the effective health ages of four patients who have suffered from different types and severities of chronic diseases based on their current medical conditions and lifestyle details (Four Cases).

Longevity is proof that a persons body has overcome effects of many different diseases. Most diseases can be prevented or controlled from the deepest core area and at the most fundamental level via a lifestyle management program. Once lifestyle details improve and medical conditions are under control, then the overall metabolic situation will be greatly enhanced. As a result, the immune system will also be strengthened since metabolism and immunity are two sides of the same coin. A strong immunity is the ultimate and most effective defense to fight against many diseases that can result in death.

In this analysis, he focuses on using his metabolism index (MI) value from his developed mathematical metabolism model. This combines four medical conditions and six lifestyle details as two measuring yardsticks of his bodys strength of metabolism and immunity to fight against various death-causing diseases to achieve his objective of longevity. The measurement of longevity can be attained by developing an effective health age(Health Age) against the biological real age” (Real Age). The Biological Real Age or Chronological Age is defined as the actual time a person has been alive.

The following table has a format of real age / health age / age difference which clearly illustrates the key conclusions of four cases.

Case A: 74 / 64/ -10;

Case B: 77 / 81/ +4;

Case C: 74 / 74/ 0;

Case D: 73 / 75/ +2;

The life expectancy of an American male is 76.1 years and female is 81.1 years (2016 data). If the author (Case A) continues his metabolic condition improvements, chronic disease control, as well as his stringent lifestyle management program, he stands a good chance to extend his life for an additional ten years to reach a real biological age of 86 (76 plus 10). The other three cases could achieve the same results if they try harder to control their medical conditions and managing their lifestyle details in a manner similar to Case A.

This article not only shows the changes of the four patientshealth ages due to metabolic improvement but will reveal their willpower, strong determination, and persistence. It will also illustrate their continuous struggle on controlling their existing medical conditions while maintaining their stringent lifestyle management program over a long period of time. The driving force for them should be a longer and healthier life and not suffer from the chronic diseases, cancers, or various infectious diseases which could ultimately lead to their early deaths.


chronic diseases, strong determination, persistence, chronic disease control, mathematical model, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, endocrinology, practical guidelines, control and exercise