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Ilizarov hip reconstruction (hybrid transosseous Osteo-synthesis technique creating femoral support to acetabu-lum and correcting biomechanical limb axis in proximal femoral defect)

MOJ Orthopedics & Rheumatology
Bari MM,1 Islam Shahidul,2 Bari AM Shayan R3

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Defects of the proximal femur and technique for femoral reconstruction, support restoration and limb length were used depending on localization of defects and anatomical and functional components of the pathology. Children, adolescents and young adults with late sequelae of neonatal hip sepsis1,2 or hip dislocation from dysplasia present with problems of pain, Trendelenburg gait, limb length discrepancy and hip instability related to absence of part or all of the femoral head and neck and proximal migration of the femur.


proximal femoral defects, valgus and varus osteotomy, ilizarov technique, functional disorders, knee, trendelenburg gait, abduction, adduction, hip reconstruction, good estimate, ischium, lower extremity, distal metaphysis, lateral incision, distraction