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Influence of dispersing agents on adsorption and desorption rate of a disperse dye on polyester

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Md Koushic Uddin,1 Sonia Hossain,1 Umma Habiba,2 Md Nafiur Rahman,2 Rayhan Mahmud2

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Dispersing agents play important roles in polyester dyeing with disperse dyes. The purpose of this work is to determine the influence of dispersing agents on the adsorption and desorption rate of polyester dyeing with CI Disperse Blue 284. Polyester fabric was dyed at HTHP method using two types of dispersing agents at different concentrations. The performances studied were the changes in dye transfer rate, K/S values of the dyed samples and dye bath concentration. The rate of adsorption and desorption of disperse dyes were affected significantly not only by the type but also the concentration of dispersing agents.


Disperse dyes, Dispersing agents, Adsorption and desorption rate, Polyester dyeing