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Psychologically comfortable seasonal images for the project on the art in hospitals 

Arts & Humanities Open Access Journal
Kei TANAKA,1 Shinji NAGAHIRO,2,3,4 Hiroshi BANDO5

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Historically speaking, hospitals had grown out of hostels, where pilgrims, old and sick people were treated. During the Middle Ages in Europe, the art was indispensable factor of the hospitals. Art in hospitals (hospital art) has been recently known and recognized as beneficial method. Authors performed the art in hospitals in the rehabilitation hospital, which was completed by using various colorful masking tape. The composition consisted of 4 artworks for four seasons on the wall of the corridor. Many patients are trained walking with always looking them every day. Art in hospitals may be called as art and health, and it has a power to make patients bring out positive attitude and energy. Its further development would be expected.


science and art, art and health, art in hospitals, hospital art, masking tape