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Brain Catastrophe presented with endocrine disruption

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Pituitary Apoplexy (PA) is an acute critical endocrine condition that is infrequently encountered in daily medical practice. Its life-threatening condition that mandates prompt diagnosis and urgent treatment and may be neurosurgical intervention. Majority of cases are attributed to ischemic infarction or hemorrhage of the pituitary gland usually in the vicinity of pituitary adenoma, and in most cases could be the initial manifestation of these tumors! In reviewing the literatures there is conflicting evidence of which are the predominant, non-functional, or functional adenomas, some reports were showed that prolactin-secreting are at highest risk. There are recognizable risk factors that might precipitate this endocrine emergency like hypertension, medications, major surgery, head injury, radiation, or dynamic testing, but in majority of cases at presentation no identifiable risk factor could be detected. The typical clinical scenario includes persistent worsening headache, vomiting, and altered level of consciousness, visual defect or loss with extreme hormonal derangements which are shown by hemodynamic instability, adrenal crises with variable hormonal deficiencies.


febrile, severe frontal headache, photophobia, blurring, hypertension, medication