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pep_35E7UW, a natural peptide with cutaneous anti-ageing effects discovered within the Oryza sativa proteome through machine learning  

Journal of Dermatology & Cosmetology
Kathy Kennedy, Roi, Cal, Rory, Casey, Therese Holton, Alessandro Adelfio, Audrey Wall, Nora Khaldi


1.1    Background: The effects of both chronological and exogenous skin ageing have a profound impact on components of the extracellular matrix (ECM), leading to visible changes in appearance over time. Natural ingredients aimed at alleviating and counteracting the effects of cutaneous ageing are of great interest. Here, we investigate the anti-ageing potential ofpep_35E7UW, a peptide within the rice proteome identified by machine learning.
1.2    Aim: To examine the in vitro and ex vivo efficacy of pep_35E7UWon ECM neosynthesis in human dermal cells and skin explants.
1.3    Methods: Using machine learning, pep_35E7UW was identified and its anti-ageing effects were evaluated in human dermal fibroblasts (HDF’s) and keratinocytes (HaCaTs) by means of cell culture and wound healing assays. This was further assessed by real time qPCR, where the influence on key genes in the collagen and elastin synthesis pathways was examined. Finally, the ex vivo effect of pep_35E7UW was determined by immunostaining of human skin explants.
1.4    Results: Cell collagen and elastin assays of HDF’s treated with pep_35E7UWreported a 32% and 51% increase in each protein respectively. Gene expression analysis determined that pep_35E7UW significantly increased collagen and elastin expression at multiple time points following treatment. Cell migration was significantly increased with pep_35E7UW treatment in the wound healing assay. pep_35E7UW topical application resulted in significant increase in elastin expression (43%) in human skin explants.
1.5    Conclusion: Here, we demonstrate that pep_35E7UW, an artificial intelligence (AI) discovered peptide, has the capacity to be both an in vitro and ex vivo stimulator of fundamental ECM components. Our results position pep_35E7UWas a functional ingredient for attenuating the effects of cutaneous ageing.



gene expression, bioactive peptide, natural, anti-ageing, in vitro, explants, machine learning, voluntary control, degradative enzymes