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The five types of alveolar open bites

Journal of Dental Health, Oral Disorders & Therapy
Anthony D Viazis,Tom C Pagonis2

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Anterior open bites present many challenges in clinical dentistry and require careful evaluation and treatment planning. Yet unsubstantiated theories of open bite development are erroneously used to make non biological diagnoses which provide limited treatment planning utility and misdirected orthodontic treatment. This paper identifies characteristics of alveolar bone morphology, incidence of canine intercuspation, intra-arch canine orientation, degree of dental crowding or dental spacing and degree of open bite to introduce five types of dentoalveolar open bites. These proposed categories of alveolar open bites create a straightforward and more predictable clinical model for planning and treatment.


vertical dimension, physiological manifestation, hypoplasia, bone morphology, dentoalveolar open bites, transitional dentition, interproximal reduction