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Synthesis and antibacterial activity of 3-nitrobenzaldehyde semicarbazone ligand and its Ni (II) and Cu (II) Complexes

Journal of Microbiology & Experimentation
Mohammed Bahreldin Hussein,1 Mosab Nouraldein Mohammed Hamad2

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Schiff bases are the most widely used organic compounds. They have been shown to exhibit a broad range of biological activities, including; antifungal, antibacterial, antimalarial, anti-proliferative, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antipyretic properties. In this study semicarbazone ligand was prepared by condensing 3-nitropenzaldehyde with semicarbazide hydrochloride in 1:1 molar ratio in ethanolic medium. This ligand was used to synthesize metal complexes of copper (II) and nickel (II) in 1:2 molar ratio using ethanol as a solvent .Characterization and structure elucidation of prepared metal complexes have been investigated on the basis of molar conductance and UV and IR spectral studies. The all prepared compounds showed a vital effect against both types of bacteria gram positive (Staphylococcus-aurous) and gram negative (Escherichia-coli).


schiff bases, metal complexes, antibacterial activities