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Sports injuries in the weightlifting league, Colombia

International Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Journal
Nancy Janneth Molano-Tobar,1 Felipe Garcia Vallejo2            

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Objective To characterize the incidence of sports injuries in weightlifters in the league. Materials and method. We performed a descriptive correlational study of a sample of 46 athletes with an average age of 18.60 ± 1.96 years, where anthropometric parameters and history of sports injuries were evaluated through a technical sheet. Additionally, the Sit and Reach and Schöberg tests were used, applying descriptive statistics as a comparison of means with Pearson Chi-square (p <0.05). Results Normality was found in the anthropometric parameters, where the predominant lesions were sprains and inflammatory processes in lower and upper limbs. In the same way, high and moderate correlations were observed between the type, the location of the injury, and the relationship between muscle flexibility and muscle stretching time. ConclusionsInjuries in weightlifters indicate a higher prevalence towards sprains and inflammatory processes in the lower limbs, which denotes a greater study in terms of the incidence and association with the heating and stretching processes.


sports, weightlifting, sports injuries, competitive exercises, intra-abdominal pressures, cuff tendinopathy and stress injuries, physical and physiological factors, ligament system, prevalence of injury, mechanical efficiency, contralateral uninjured limb, cross-sectional, descriptive-correlational