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Pharmacological management of disrupted sleep due to Methamphetamine use: a literature review

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Objective: To review the literature on pharmacological management of disrupted sleeping patterns due to Methamphetamine use.

Data sources: A PubMed search of human studies published in English through July 2020 was conducted using the broad search terms “Methamphetamine” and “Sleep”.

Study selection: 105 articles were identified and reviewed; 2 studies met the inclusion criteria. 

Data extraction: Study design, sample size, medications dose and duration, and sleep related outcomes were reviewed.

Data synthesis: This is some evidence for Modafinil and Mirtazapine for disrupted sleep due to Methamphetamine use, however it is limited by small sample size of the studies. 

Conclusion: Treatment of disrupted sleep due to Methamphetamine use, remains challenging. Modafinil and mirtazapine appear to show promise, but further research is warranted before making any evidence-based recommendations.


methamphetamine, sleep, injected, snorted, inserted rectally, ingested orally, body temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, cardiac arrhythmias