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Educational intervention for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections in basic secondary teachers

Obstetrics & Gynecology International Journal
Damarys Chacón O`farrill,1 Alba Cortes Alfaro2

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Introduction: Among the factors that increase sexual infections in adolescence are the early initiation of sexual relations, adolescence is considered a stage of vulnerability and exposure to risky social and/or sexual behaviors that expose them to sexual and reproductive health problems such as unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, so it is essential that they are taught in schools comprehensive sexuality education Objective: To assess the effects of educational intervention for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections in teachers of the Antonio José Oviedo Basic Secondary School. San José de las Lajas, Mayabeque during the period: October 2017 to February 2019.
Method: A quasi-experimental educational intervention study with a mixed approach to the 40 teachers included in the permanent staff of the center, a survey was applied prior to the intervention that allowed characterizing the teachers according to sociodemographic variables, exploring the level of knowledge, attitudes, perception of risk and beliefs about STIs. 15 work sessions were held and tools were given to facilitate the work on these issues with adolescents. A post-intervention survey was applied to evaluate its effectiveness. Descriptive and inferential statistics (J squared) were applied.
Results: female sex predominated (72.5%), with ages between 30 and 40 years (42.5%), in males the perception of lower risk prevailed compared to females. Knowledge, beliefs, attitudes and perception of risk about STIs were inadequate prior to intervention, after intervention they increased significantly in: 92.5%, 65%, 77.5% and 70% respectively.
Conclusions: The educational intervention was effective in contributing to the improvement of comprehensive sexuality education in the school environment.


EacThers, Adolescence, Educational intervention, Comprehensive sexuality education, Sexually transmitted infections