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Clothing manufacturing and exporting countries of the World: a review

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Shaikh Md Mominul Alam,1 Shariful Islam,2 Shaharia Ahmed3

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The aim of this paper is to discuss about the textiles and clothing manufacturing and exporting countries of the world. This paper has some objectives such as introducing the applications of spandex fabrics, discussing highest clothing importers, and detailing recent textile trade expansion countries etc. The textiles and clothing industries are categorized by changeable mandate, short product life sequences, rapid response time, enormous product diversity, and an unstable, unyielding, and intricate supply chain structure. The textile and clothing industries subsidize meaningfully towards the national budget of many countries. Although the clothing industry is worldwide in nature, the engineering facilities from established countries are flowing to developing countries to lessen the labor fees. Even in these developing countries, the clothing industries are fronting the greatest experiments in spite of the inexpensive labor cost, due to the petite production life-cycle, high instability, low expectedness, high level of instinct purchase and the quick market reaction. To diminish the cost of manufacture, the clothing industries in developing countries are rather concentrating on sourcing of inexpensive raw materials and minimizing transfer cost than labor efficiency due to the obtainability of inexpensive labor.


Elastic clothing, Textile exporters, Annual revenue, Highest export countries, Clothing manufacturer, Investments